About Us

We are a collectibles company founded by like-minded enthusiasts who want to bring you the best items possible.

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Our Story

Like many, we have a long history of collecting in multiple hobbies which is what started our passion that you see today. We are old friends brought back together through online video gaming to forge a trustworthy and bonded collecting business.

Our History

With over 20 years of collecting experience across multiple facets, we have the knowledge and expertise to bring you only the best in collectible items. We have mainly focused on video games, cards, and video game related items, however our depth in collecting goes much deeper into watches, coins, comics, action figures, statues, and many other collectibles.

20+ Years Experience

In collecting for multiple hobbies.

2 Passionate Collectors

Because 2 is better than 1.

A++ Customer Service

Our customer service and reputation come first.

The Team

Two dudes tag-teaming the chaos. Everything is under control.

Partner, Co-Founder
Self proclaimed Champion of the ring, Mick breaks code by day and makes deals by night.
Partner, Co-Founder
Accused of being a hoarder, Brandon is a collector of all things. No.. really, everything.

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